Cool Camera toys

Last Christmas the Clems got me a brilliant little toy for my camera; a flexi tripod thing that looks like this

This tripod is an extremely brilliant toy. It connects to my small Canon SD750 camera via the standard tripod screw hole and I can set it or wrap it around just about anything. The comment from the manufacture is that it is the James Bond of Tripods able to take pictures anywhere. It is rare that someone is able to get me a good gift (I tend to buy what I want and not want much) it is even more rare that someone is able to get me a great gift. The Clems got me a GREAT gift when they got me this tripod, I cannot thank them enough. It allows me to take so many more great pictures. This last weekend It let me get a bunch of cute and fun pictures; like this one where I am pressing Michelle.

Thanks Clems for the great present!!!

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