Grilled Cheese

Michelle says “Kev, I am hungry” – Kev says ” want me to make you something?” – Michelle says ” Grilled Cheese?” Kev says ” Ok” I went into the kitchen and started to make a bit of a grilled cheese sandwich. I am not a big fan of doing things all simple like, so I kicked it up a notch. From the pan up before the flip this is how I made the sandwich:

  • Some salt
  • Grated cheese – Costco Mexican blend and some parmesan
  • Butter – Tillamook salted
  • Wheat bread – good stuff
  • Pepperoni – Costco 2 pound bag
  • Some mustard – the plain yellow kind, not much but enough
  • Grated cheese – just the Mexican blend
  • Wheat Bread – same good stuff above
  • Butter – Tillamook salted

You have to be careful when you go in for the flip and be sure that you get the spatula under the cheese. You have to scrap and break it loose of the pan. The results are worth the work. In the picture you can see the cheese encrusted on the outside of the sandwich. I call this the tongue side of the sandwich and I normally serve it as the side down on the plate. I call it the tongue side because it has all of the extra flavor goodness of the cheese and salt on it. Mmmm.

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