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I noticed a few days ago, and again today that the "IP Allow List" and "IP Block list" functionality in Exchange 2007 SP1 seems to be missing. There should be a properties option on this menu to allow me to add items to the list.


I noticed this because one of my WLKMMAS users contacted me other day and said "Dood! I am totally in the dog house because I missed an email from my wife asking me to bring home diet coke" I found the email in the spam account on my server. I was going to add her email servers address to the allowed servers list to prevent this from happening. but the option to add it was not there where it used to be. I happen to know some people so I got on communicator and got in touch with someone at Microsoft with some responsibility in this area. After some digging he came back with a solution.  In SP1 the GUI, and functionality for this  was changed as follows:

  • The option to enable the lists is still in the same spot under Organization Configuration – no change here
  • The option to modify the lists has been moved to the Server Configuration section and it is now server specific. meaning you can now block addresses on a per-server basis. The following picture shows what I am talking about


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