Office Ergo Update

About a month ago I was complaining about neck and shoulder pain. Since then I have made a bunch of changes to help mitigate the pain and increase the ergonomics / comfort of my body and work space. Last week I got a new office chair with better padding and more adjustments to make it more comfortable to sit, and to encourage me to sit better.

This morning I elevated my monitor to a more proper height to give me a better viewing angle. After placing a stick to my head and using a protractor I figured that I was looking downwards ( 30-50 degrees) too much at my primary monitor. According to this ergonomics website what I was doing was not horrible, but it does not encourage me to sit up strait or to push my sternum out. Pushing my sternum out has become my mantra in how I position and hold my body. It’s helped me make some major adjustment to how to walk, sit, stand, and do just about everything. I feel it is a great big part of why I am getting better shoulder wise. I am getting better; 500 miles on the motorcycle this week with minimal pain and no tingling.

To raise my monitor I hunted around "the pit"[1] and found an old DLT tape drive that appeared to be the prefect height to raise my primary monitor enough to get it where I want it ( 14-22 degree). This is what it looks like now.


In addition to lifting up my monitor this week, and a new chair last week, I have also "borrowed" a left over AC unit that we had after we got some larger air handlers in our server room. Tim and I like to feel like we are working in a cold dark cave. We don’t turn the lights on, and we like the temp at about 68 or lower. For some reason even when it is colder outside our office gets warm. A few days this month is got to the point where I was sweating at work. The day after the sweating days I "borrowed" the AC unit and installed it in the office. Since then it has been much cooler and more comfortable in the office. The AC unit makes us happy;


[1] Storage / staging / temp office space at work filled with stuff

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