Check the Pockets

This is an oldie but a goodie. One day CL and I were headed to the Immigrations office minding our own business to have some status removed when the following “incident” took place. The following being the email that I wrote and posted to TechSanctuary after the “incident” —

It goes like this, we are in the security check point to get into the building and we have to go through a metal detector and empty our pockets. I will occasionally recycle shorts [1] from the day before and wear them for a few days. Today is one of those days. As I am cleaning out my pockets there goes my camera, wallet, keys, phone, change, SD card reader, spare SD card, check book, sunglasses, some clamps, phone charger and finally a pocket rocket. I totally forgot it was in there. CL turned all kinds of red. The guard looked at it and then picked it up by the body contact end to “see what it was” I said, as he looked at me, you never know when you might need one. CL had a look of “how could you, and I am sorry at the same time” I really wanted to say to the guy as I he was holding it ” you better wash your hands, that was most recently in my arse, and I have not washed it yet ” but I figured CL had already been embarrassed enough at that point.

Then I put my bucket through the x-ray machine and the next guy had to again pick it up and look at it. Life is never dull with me around..

[1] I wear cargo shorts, and fill up the pockets.

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