The Seventeenth

Tomorrow would be or is our Third year wedding anniversary. I say would be or is because legally it will be three years that we have been married. Emotionally and physically we are no longer married. Married or not CL and I remain, and I hope will always remain, good friends. One of the things that we have and continue to do very well, is have good communications. Communication being the foundation of a good relationship I feel that I have well justified hopes we will remain friends.

A day like this makes you look back and thin; what did I do wrong? what did we do wrong? What could we have done better? what did do well? How did we end up here? How can apply this learning to where I am now and avoid repeating it in the future. A day like this makes you think about all kinds of things. CL and are going to have lunch today I wonder what we will talk about. I know looking forward that there is all kinds of brilliant greatness to come, and that however it happened having had and continuing to have CL in my life will make all of that much better.

Heres to great memories, experiences, learning, and bright futures.

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