Exchange Answers my VoiceMail

This morning I flipped the switch and stopped hosting my WLKMMAS email on my own Exchange server. I’ve had an email server at home for the last 8 years providing personal email for myself, friends, and family members. As of this morning, my email is now hosted by Microsoft on their ExchangeLabs system ( don’t ask about it I am not allowed to talk about, it is like fight club) One of the features of this that I can almost talk about is Exchange Unified Messaging (UM); voicemail in my inbox.  I forwarded my cell phone to my email server and now Exchange answers the phone when you call me and I don’t answer. The voice message is delivered to my inbox and I can act on it from there instead of having to call *86, put in my code, and listening to the message via Verizon.

The process to set this up on my cell phone was much simpler then I was thinking. It was a one line call code.

I entered *71<the Exchange severs number> then pressed send, like in the following example:
*714255551212 – Send
I waited for the beeps and it was done. They told me that I could turn this off by entering *73 and pressing send.

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