Change your ActiveSync User Name in Windows Mobile

When I moved to the new Email server this morning I had setup my mobile phone to sync with the new server instead of the old server. Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1 allow you change the server address, but they will not allow you to change the user name or domain that you authenticate too. I know that in this was possible in Windows Mobile 6 via the registry. I would bet that you can still do that in 6.1. I don’t have a registry editor on my phone right now so that was not really an option for me.

After a bit of some thinking and looking around I figured out a very simple solution to this, that I was amazed I’d overlooked the last time I needed to do this. The last time I got annoyed and remote wiped the phone via OWA on the old server. To change the ActiveSync partnership all you have to do is delete the partnership and create a new one. When I figured that out I was thinking to myself "Gee that is simple, why did I not think of that before?" Here are the simple steps to complete this simple task.


To delete the partnership on the device, open ActiveSync on the device.

Go to Menu | select Options.

Select the Microsoft Exchange partnership

Click the Delete button, and you are all ready to make a new partnership

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