Phone Charger Nerdness

My cell phone went dead this morning because I forgot to charge it yesterday during the day or last night while I was sleeping. Tim wanted breakfast, so we combined the two and made a mini adventure out of it. We ran ( I really mean rode in my zoo) home to my house to get a charger, and then stopped in and got some sausage biscuit goodness for a late breakfast on the way back to work. On the road trip home ( all 10 minutes of it) Tim suggested that I get a charger and leave it work for my cell phone. Good suggestion, and one that I can accommodate.

I have a car charger that I don’t use, I have a desktop 12 volt DC power supply that I don’t use, and I have a heap of patch wires with roach clips on them that I am not using. I added all of these things together, placed them on a rack mount server case for presentation, and a greeting card envelop for insulation and viola we have a very nerdy looking cell phone charger. If I can remember it when I get home I will post a picture of my first cell phone. It came in a bag with a handle, weighed a heap, and I am sure my over use of it, and my brick Zack Morris style brick phone, are the causes of all my brain tumors.

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