Zoo Power!!

I love my tiny little baby jeep like Suzuki Samurai! I can haul all kinds of thing in it, it gets great milage, and it fits in even the smallest parking spots. Everyone thinks that my car is tiny, cute, and useless; they are very wrong in that thinking. Well it is cute and tiny, but it is defiantly not useless. For Example one, last night I hauled home some 10 ‘ by 4″ pipe sections that I used to temporarily divert a downspout to see if the old one is leaking into Trenton’s room.

For Example two, Last week I hauled home a full 4 drawer filing cabinet that I found on the side of the road. This cabinet has worked out very well for me. Michelle has helped me out with the cabinet and getting me organized. She filed a heap of stuff that I have been meaning to file for the past few years. My stuff looks so nice all filed in pretty folders with labels on them. I might be able to find things now! YEAH Michelle power and Zoo power!!!

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