A Power Strip?

I showed up at work this morning, started reheating some amazing Chicken Gorgonzola pizza in the toaster oven, then went to my desk and tried to connect to my home server to read emails. My computer would not connect to my home server, nor would it stream music over the Internet. I am thinking to myself, "This is a bummer, I better go fix this" One of the many hats that I wear at 3Sharp is morning and or fill in IT guy. Being the first one in in the mornings who has a Domain Admin account has made the me the defacto guy who can fix stuff before the real IT guys show up.

I’m generally a bolder troubleshooter than most people; we all have our style. If no one is on, things are busted, and I can, I will reboot things right and left to see if they are the issue. I’ve learned to avoid doing it this way as much as possible, but I was the only one in this morning, so I went at it. This morning I took the following steps to work out what was going and eventually figure out what was busted:

  1. Pinged www.yahoo.comno DNS resolution
  2. RDPed into the DNS server to make sure it was there and up – all good here
  3. Ping real IP – that did not work either
  4. Went into server room and looked at the flashing lights to see if any were not flashing
  5. Rebooted the router – Checked with pings, still busted
  6. Rebooted the DSL things – Checked with pings, still busted
  7. Tried to ping the gateway – It was missing, maybe I should have done this sooner
  8. Checked the gateway for power – We were going to replace this so I had to guess which one it was
  9. Gateway seems to have no power – I tried to cycle power with the button, no go
  10. Verified that the gateway was plugged into to something – I unplugged and plugged back in both connections, no go
  11. Pulled the server out and sniffed it to see if the magic smoke had come out somewhere – no funny smell
  12. Checked the power cord again – Sometimes I get feelings
  13. Checked the strip that the cord was plugged into – Noticed that it had no lights on it, this is suspicious
  14. Moved the server power cord to another strip and cycle power – Look we have power now.
  15. Moved everything else on that power strip to another strip
  16. Waited for gateway to come up, then tested – YEAH! it works now
  17. Puff up my chest and walk back to my desk all Triumphant!!

The below power strip was the issue; I wonder what I should do with it. Pay no attention to the furry foot in the picture.

DevinG commented on my foot — "proof that taking too many pictures is hobbit forming"

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