Costco has it All

Last night was a mellow night, it consisted of a minor skirmish, a bit of some shopping, head banging on some pipe, hot meat dipped in white sauce action, and brilliant couch time spent watching television in a near drooling snuggled up state. Sounds like a great night, right? it was. I got home from work a bit before three. I tried to sneak into the bedroom where I found Michelle cleaning the table. I was a more than slightly disappointed when she saw me coming and did not react startled. After my failed attempt at a sneak attack we bummed about the house and caught up on our days for a while. Then we tossed each other around the living room; eventually ending up in a full on battle. We have such great battles.

After Battle time we went out to get Michelle some food and some supplies for the house. Our first stop, after driving over a curb to pass some cars, was the True Value in Woodinville. At True Value we needed to get a 10′ by 4″ section of pipe to finish off my downspout redirection project. I placed the pipe in the zoo right next to Michelle’s head. This would later prove to be a great source of amusement as she repeatedly bumped her head into it. Every time she would bump the pipe she ended up laughing and saying ouch to our amusement. It’s like she enjoys the pain? While in the store there was a man in line in front of us buying Bamboo poles. I saw these poles and instantly thought that I needed to get some to bring to work for Tim and I to beat on each other with. I am not really sure why but I did not buy any, because it sounds so fun.

From the True Value we went to Dairy Queen (DQ) to get Michelle a snack. The gal at the window was trying to get us to buy more stuff, and then she shared her schedule with us and told us when to come back to see her again…. Apparently her parents owned this DQ and another on Thrashers Corner. She worked as an assistant manager at both places. It only took about 5 minutes, some off roading, and driving around some minivan that seemed to be stopped by fear in the middle of an intersection to leave the DQ and get going the right direction. We took the back route to Costco to purchase some supplies for the house. While at Costco we ran into an odd thing that they sell. I’d heard that they sold them, but it was not until last night that I actually saw them in the store. Costco sells discount coffins.

After the going up and down almost every Isle at the Costco and buying way more then we needed we checked out. From Costco we headed home and started the vegging on the couch. Michelle took the first of her two naps of the night while I watched House. I watched TV most of the night without a laptop, or my mobile phone in hand. It was nice to sit and fully relax without be distracted by other things. We started watching Heroes about 40 minutes into the show so we had a buffer of time to all us to fast-forward through the commercials. By the end of Heroes we had nearly caught to the show in real-time. I bet an hour of Heroes is worth at most 38 minutes of actual show. Last night was 2 hours so there was about 40 minutes, give or take a few, of commericals.

And that was my night.

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