What does my outfit Say about me

Today we running some new cable from the DMarc to the server room to supple copper for a bunch of new T1 circuits. Part of the cable path flows through a warehouse with 25 foot ceilings. To attach the cable to that ceiling we rented a scissor lift; I was a bit nervous about a folding ladder that tall. We are so excited to get to drive that thing around and be up high in the air that we had to drive it around last night a bit. I was nominated to be the guy up in the air running the cable; something about me doing this before and being expendable. I don’t know which one was a higher weight in the decision process. This is going to be so much FUN! I am giddy with excitement..

In the below picture you can see Ryan and I "testing" out the lift last night

I tried to dress properly today for the job at hand by wearing cloths that feel speak about what I am doing and what I am thinking. The following picture shows what I am wearing. From the shoes up let me explain my thought process in choosing this outfit:

  1. The shoes, steel towed Cat boots, say "I am working today and I might run my feet over with this very heavy lift thing and I don’t want to limp around for a few weeks"
  2. The shorts, well what can I say to that other then, I have to buy pants next week for a business meeting. I burnt all of my pants when I gave up consulting at Dell. I prefer wearing shorts
  3. The shirt, blue T-shirt with a Superman logo, says " If I fall off this thing I can fly so I don’t have to worry about getting hurt, and I little bit of <James Bond Golden Eye>I am Invincible!!!"</James Bond Golden Eye>"
  4. The hat, My favorite MIT hat, says " I almost went to MIT on a scholarship. Shouldn’t I be smart enough to not go 25 feet in the air and drive around on a semi stable 4 wheeled vehicle?"

And they my readers is what I am looking forward today, and a look into why I dressed how I did. Wish me luck

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