Blog Fodder

This morning, in my gallery I created a new album that I called Blog Fodder. I created this album as part of a reorganization of my pictures geared to help reduce the number of top level albums without having to stuff things into month albums. The Blog Fodder album came about as I was trying to classify pictures like the two that I took this morning of me in my riding suit. The pictures in the Blog Fodder folder don’t really belong anywhere else. I think of them as albums of groups where only a few pictures were taken that I took purposely to give me a picture to add to a blog post. I’ve been more into blog posts lately causing the number of these small blog related albums and pictures to pile up. Out of that pile up the Blog Fodder folder has been born. In addition to the Blog fodder folder I also created a 3Sharp folder where I am going to put all of my 3Sharp related pictures, like Friday lunches that I cook, or pictures of the wiring project that required the lift.

I imagine over time that this folder will come to hold some very amusing pictures. Like this one of my being an ice-cream whore eating more then I should.

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