The"Guest Chef" lunch series Part I

We have a very fun and enjoyable work environment at 3Sharp where we spend out days not as a group of coworkers but more as a group of friends working in teams. For me, it makes me feel like I am part of a work family filled with people whom I get along with and enjoy spending time with. One of the perks and offerings that the 3Sharp owners provide for the employees, that helps to foster this relationship, is Friday lunches. Every Friday we all gather in the lunch room and share a company provided lunch.  Friday lunch is normally Pizza procured and arranged by our office goddess, Mary. In addition to the Friday lunches 3Sharp normally furnishes a birthday snack, cake, and or a meal for everyone on their birthdays. These birthday events are all setup and facilitated by Mary.

A few months ago it was Mary’s birthday and Tim, my office husband and I, decided that we were going to make birthday lunch for Mary. She asked us to put on a Mexican fiesta style lunch. For lunch Tim and I cooked enchilada casseroles, and tacos, and we brought in a 7 layer Chocolate cake . This lunch went over very well with the 3Sharp crew. It went so well that Tim and I were asked to come back and cook a lunch on a regular monthly basis. This Friday marks the start of the regular 3Sharp”Guest Chef” lunch series. Tim and I are kicking it off with homemade chicken pot pies, garlic mashed tators, and homemade bread. Last night we did all of the prep work; this morning I will cook it all, then bring it into work.


Life is so much better when you spend it with great people. I really enjoy working at 3Sharp with such a brilliant and robust group of friends. Being able to cook for them and share a meal on a regular basis is another bonus in my book.

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