Things that Annoy me today

Two things that annoy me this morning.

One, It was totally dark out when I came into work this morning. I already missing coming to work in the sunlight, or even coming into watch the sunrise. It was also cold this morning, barley in the 40’s. Because it was warm yesterday and there was very little cloud cover last night there was a heap of fog in the air this morning. There was so much fog that my windshield fogged up on both sides; the inside because I had the top off. It seems that my Zoo has pretty much no blower motor to move heat, so I had no heat to blow on the inside of the windshield; I’ll have to fix that soon.

Two, My bank, WAMU, was sold to Chase bank last week for next to nothing. Chase bought ~350,000,000,000$ (that is 350 billion) in WAMU assets for 1,900,000,000$. That equates to about 1/2 a cent to the dollar. I have a 100,000$ loan at WAMU. I want to be able to buy my loan for 600$ like Chase just about my loan. Too bad there is no way on earth that I could do that. That would have been a much better bail out for “the people” then the crap we are working on right now. Let us buy our loans for discount prices instead of using our money to let another company buy them at a discount and keep collecting face value. Annoys me big time.

What does not annoy me today is Michelle. She is a brilliant battalion leader and all around great person to spend time with. She sent me this shot this morning that her mother took of the two of us at her birthday. Notice the bruise on her arm, that means I like her.

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