Pants? and Reports

This morning I have a consulting engagement with a local Bellevue customer. I’ll be doing an initial assessment  leading to recommendations for the customers OCS and Exchange implementations. We were contacted by the customer because they have things implemented but not fully working. Our goal will be to come in and bring them up to a fully working situation. One of the things that I like to do before I show up on site with a customer is to get to know their environment a bit through some phone time, and reports.

I normally gather reports by having the customer run the Microsoft PSS MPS reporting tool and sending me the CAB file that the report generates. There are a variety of reports that you can have the customer run. I like to have them run the Exchange report because that is normally my area of focus, and because it gathers the most information. I did not get the report back from the customer yet. When I do I am going to work up a post detailing what, why, and how I look at the results of the MPS reports to gather information and learn an environment.

In the mean time, here is a very rare picture of me dressed in business casual for a customer engagement.

My quote this morning " it feels so weird not being able to see my legs, I miss them"

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