Laundered Money

Today is my PO day!!! On PO days I get off work early and ride my motorcycle 80 miles deep into the heart of the PO (Port Orchard) to spend time with Trenton, and to enable him to have time away from his Evil Controlling Mother ( yes she is as bad, if not worse, then the evil step mother in Cinderella) Part of my prep work for heading to the PO this morning involved charging up my little Sansa MP3/Radio thing so I can listen to Love Line on the ride home. This morning that task seems to be impossible because I was not able to find the charging cable. I mean, why would Sansa want to use a standard USB cable when custom ones are so much better. MUTTER. Without a cable I don’t think that I am going to be able to charge this thing, well that, and the fact that the charging hole is filled with bag balm due to a containment accident in my luggage last week. Somehow the lid came off the bag balm tin and the Sansa ended up inside of the bag balm container. I tried to clean it out but I don’t think that I got it all.

While looking in my motorcycle for the charging cable this morning I discovered that I was a moron last week. It was wet in the morning last Thursday when I got on my bike so I opened my front truck, took out the rag I keep in there and dried off the bike. When I got home Thursday I forgot to take the damp rag out of the trunk to allow it to dry. The dampness in the trunk seems to have caused things to mold. The majority of the mold grew on the screen of my Sirius radio. I cleaned that with a bit of some 409 and a paper towel, it’s as good as new now. The rest of the mold grew on larger bills in my trunk; yes the mold was snobbish. There was no mold on the 1’s and 5’s, but there was a bunch on the 20 and some on the 10. I cleaned the money off in the sink and hung it to dry on a USB cable that tied to a ladder in my office. That means that this morning I’ve been drinking Tequila and Laundering money in my office; good thing the doors are shut.

If you look really close at the 20 you can see some mold still on Jackson’s forehead

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