Rollover and a Zombie Car

There are always interesting things to see when you get a heap of cars and crazy drivers on the rainy roads in Seattle. Today was another of those days filled with odd sightings. Today’s drive to get Trenton took me from Zebra to the west Seattle ferry. It started out all normal looking filled with heaps of very slow moving cars and wet roads. I swear that traffic is mostly about poor design. You put too many on ramps in the wrong spots, you squeeze lanes at the wrong places, you put too many distractions around the road, and other stuff like that you end up with Traffic. You add in stupid people and you get even more traffic. Today’s worser traffic on I405 was caused by a stupid driver disregarding the rules of cars. The driver broke the “always keep the shinny side up” rule.

It only took me an hour and 20 minutes to get from Zebra to the ferry. Not too bad when my worst time is 3 hours, not too good when my best time is 22 minutes. On the way back from getting Trenton we came across another great Seattle car sighting. After seeing this car we drove all over the road changing lanes like mad men, and slowing where needed to finally get into position to get these pictures of what I would like to call, the starting of a Zombie assault vehicle. It’s a pretty amazing looking car. The owner of the car appears to have armour plated the back of the car with diamond plating. The armour is even cooler because the modification has a smooth transition from diamond plating to the OEM metal, and they integrated the gas door into the diamond planting. It’s So cool. I Hope that I get to see this car again sometime after the owner has added more armour.

We had a great drive home due to the great sighting and brilliant conversation. After getting home I cooked up a brilliant Kevin Pizza dinner that we are now eating while Trenton catches up on Heros and House.

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