Configure Word to Publish to Subtext

At work we use Subtext as our blogging engine. We are a Microsoft shop and we try to use products that are Microsoft related. Subtext is our current blog engine of chose at the price point we wanted, that supported an upgrade path from our old blog software. This week I’ve been off site and I wanted to post some new blog posts. Normally I would write these in Windows Live Writer which has native Subtext support. This week I am not on my work computer and I dislike using the VPN to get to my work machine, so I am working from my home Windows 2008 server. For some stupid reason the Windows Live installer will not allow me to install anything on Windows Server 2008.

You can get around this if you bypass the Windows Live installer and directly run the MSI for the application that you want to install. The issue with that work around is that you first have to acquire the MSI. I did not have the time or desire to that this week so I’ve been writing my posts in Word 2007. Word does not natively post to Subtext so I had to look up how to do this. With a bit of Live Search foo, I found this great post that explained how to do it.

The key to making it work is knowing the MetaWebLog URL. To create this URL you need to add /services/metablogapi.aspx to the end of your blog URL. For me my URL is, so the MetaWebLog URL to post to is . With that URL entered I can now post to Subtext from Word 2007 without any extra effort. Yeah!! I’ve been sitting in the first row, first seat, far right desk. My seat is the one with the grey hoodie on it in this picture


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