Hookah Repair

A few weeks ago on a weekend night after putting down a heap of Tile for Dad with Tyler we fixed Darren’s Huge Hookah. This thing is like 7 feet tall, and costs 100$ a foot or something like that. I think that is way more money than should ever be spent on smoking tool, but Darren is young and likes to throw money at things that look cool. I guess our economy needs people like him more so right now than ever. Sop more power to his spending.

Anyhow he got this Hookah and broke it the first night out and he had not fixed it yet. I looked at it and said that I could fix it. Then it turned into Dad and I and Joey fixing it. Then it turned into a yelling match about how to fix it. In the end I was right, the metal did not need to be red hot; you just need it hot enough to sweat, and you needed flux to solder;. Joey did not know about flux. This is a picture of Tyler and Joey testing the fixed Hookah.

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