What is different between a room mailbox and a equipment mailbox

During the course of the week that I spent working on Microsoft Exam questions a number of questions came up that I felt were worthy of blog posts. One of those questions is What is different between a room mailbox and an equipment mailbox

This question lead to some discussion, then we all pulled out our Exchange servers and looked around, then I sent some emails off to the product group. The result of all of that is that I have better an understanding of the difference between the two object types. There is not much on the object level, but there is a bit of a difference in how each object is treated, and displayed

The first difference is that they show up with different Icons. The objects are labeled differently and look differently in the GAL and in the Exchange Management Console. Notice how they show up in the picture below in the Exchange Management Console


Secondly there is a Select Rooms area on the Scheduling Assistant tab on the New Meeting Request object. You will only see room mailbox objects in this area, as shown in the picture blow captured from OWA.


The last difference I will cut and paste from my discussion with the product group >> The other difference is when you extend the resource property schema. You can create different custom resource properties for each mailbox type. See http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb124948(EXCHG.80).aspx to see what I’m talking about. <<

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