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This week I’ve been in a room in a cool building in Kirkland with some other Exchange subject matter experts (SME) reviewing test questions for the Exchange 2007 Management Exam 70-236. The same test that CL and I wrote a book about 2 years ago. The test was not an overly brilliant so Microsoft is updating it with some new questions. My involvement in that is as an alpha tester for the test. Me and the other SME’s are going over all of the new questions to be added and making sure that they are all real, can be done, are written correctly, are relevant, and that they are not too easy or hard.

The process feels like a very enjoyable debate with passionate intelligent people who have the same goal. The process has taught me a great deal more about how Microsoft creates test and how much effort goes into the test. I think that also has gone a long way to teach me how I should take tests from Microsoft. I have the starts of a bunch of blog posts on the subject of how to take the test, and how the tests are written.

I would venture to say that between 2-6k dollars is spent on each question for this test. There is a great deal of brain power behind every question; this amazed me. What else amazed me this week is how Isolated I have become from traffic in my world. I leave for work between 5-6 am, come home before 4pm, and I almost never touch a freeway. Even my commute to PO for my son is in off hour situation. This week I’ve been starting at 8am and completing around 5pm. This puts me on I405 during prime time traffic jam work. The 13 miles from my house to work took me about 40 plus minutes one way each day to commute. The first day I was shocked at the traffic that I ran into both on the way to work and on the way home.

I call a majority of traffic to be a by an on design thing. Merging to 405 from 520 is a good example of that. You take 3 lanes of freeway, and add in 3 lanes worth of more traffic that you filter into one lane before that traffic merges to the road. Plus the lane that they merge into is an exit only lane that vanishes in less than a mile. I hate traffic, I hate even more that better design could make most of it go away. This picture shows what I am talking about. Look at all of these lanes trying to merge onto this road.

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