Rattle Snake Hike I

In Kevin’s Words

It was such a great day out we decided we needed to get out on a hike. I was being demanding and whinny in a playful way telling Michelle to find us a place to hike to when Martin chimed in and asked us if we’d ever hiked Rattle Snake ridge. Both of us said no, so I told Michelle figured out where it was and took some directions on a 3″x5″ card. We then got dressed and took off out the door to drive to our hike. It took about 35.43 minutes to get there, give or take 4 minutes. Michelle took a Quick power nap on the way (about 4 minutes) and I seem to have destroyed her hand while holding it. My mother calls me Brutus for a reason I guess.

We started our hike walking around the lake a bit; it’s a gorgeous lake. We were going to walk around the lake for a while when I saw one of those signs that talks about the area that I wanted to go read. While we were reading the sign we noticed another big sign that I wanted to read. When we went and read the other big sign we found the start of the trail that we were meaning to hike. We are that good with direction that we just happened to end up where we wanted to. We made it a few miles up the hill when we both started to fall apart with hip or knee pains. We turned around and hiked back down the hill. When we got to the bottom we were both feeling a bit better so decided to walk around the lake. Before we could walk around it Michelle had to stick her face in the water and get a drink; my fault, I forgot to bring any water. She was cut, she came up from the water and says ” how do dogs do this, I keep getting it up my nose” then she stuffed her face right back in the water to drink so more.

We had a great hike, filled with good exercise, nature stuff, and some brilliant conversation. I think that we will have to do this again very soon if it ends up staying this nice out.

In Michelle’s Words

Today, Kevin and I decided we needed to get out of the house for awhile and get some fresh air. We wanted to take a hike somewhere and Martin suggested we go to Rattlesnake Ridge in the Central Cascades. We drove out there, it took about 30-45 mins, and went to Rattlesnake Lake. The lake was absolutely gorgeous and surprisingly peaceful, not many people were out there when we first arrived. We walked out by the lake for a bit and then found the hiking trail. We made it about half-way up, then my knee started acting up and Kev’s hip was hurting him. I know we are such an old, broken, couple…its cute. We came back down before getting to the top, but we did at least a good two miles or so. It was very refreshing and we talked about a lot of stuff. Then, we walked along the river again for awhile, climbed on some rocks and talked some more. I was really thirsty from the walk, so I drank so water from the lake..it was really good tasting. I wondered ” how do dogs do this without getting water up their noses” because I was having a hard time drinking water without it going up my nose. After that, we headed home, making a pit stop in North Bend for some food and gas.

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