12 seconds

I set up an account with http://12seconds.tv this morning. I logged into the account planning to make my first video post. Every time I logged in I kept getting an error that the service could not find my web cam. The next few minutes were filled with trouble shutting;

  • I unplugged my cam and plugged it back in.
  • I had a cam conversation with a messenger contact to verify that the computer could see the cam
  • I closed the webpage and opened it again in a new browser window and it still was not able to see my cam.

Then I got annoyed with it, bored, and distracted so I started to clean my office. Fast forward to a few hours later when I was making a twitter post the answer came to me; and it was so simple I wanted to slap myself. My desk at work as two monitors on it, the one I work in, and the one that I open an RDP session to my home server in. The 12seconds webpage was open on the window in my home server on my home server. No wonder it could not find my camera, I don’t have a camera on my home server. The problem was solved by coping and pasting the link from home to the work computer; amazing, the webpage can see the hardware when it is open on the right computer. I love it when I create my own problems.

I will post the link to my 12second site once I make some posts and work out how it all works.

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