Feedback Venting

A great deal of my primary job involves writing stuff for different companies. This week I received feedback on a large group of documents that I’ve been working on for the past few months. This is the third and final round of feedback for this group of documents. I would expect to get very minor feed back by this stage in the game. Things are rarely as I expect them to be; I am getting much more then minor feedback this round. I am getting some major feedback that is not quick and simple to do, and I am getting useless feedback that I would like to reply to with “thanks, what you are asking for would be nice, but piss off” The comments that really bother me in feedback are the weak ones that if answered require hours or more of guess work, like the following:

  • “A graphic might be nice here” – This in my mind is weak feedback because the author of the feedback should include an example or the complete graphic if they feel one is needed. Graphics can take hours or days to make depending on how complicated they are. Plus is often times impossible to grasp what the commenter wants in a graphic so this can lead to a back and forth game that sucks up more time and energy trying to get the graphic created the way the commenter envisioned if they actually have pictures a graphic.
  • “Add more here” – This is another weak comment. I could add one letter and add more or I could spend hours researching and writing and add more. Mr. Commenter if you want to be valuable to me tell me what you want me to add, or shut up. If you say add more, then tell me specifically what you want me to add, or I will ignore your comment.
  • “Really” or “are you sure” or “prove it” or “????” – This says to me, I don’t know if you are right and I am too lazy to look it up so I will just make some comment to add to your work load. If you are going to question my work please do it with more than one word, then explain to me why you as questioning my work.
  • “Can you clean this up” – Sure I can just tell me how you want me to clean it up. Because as is I went over this a few times before you saw it and I felt that it was clean, otherwise I would have never submitted it
  • “We really do X” – ok that’s great teach me more, but please tell how this relevant and actionable. Do you want me to incorporate that? Or change that? Or is this comment just for me?

My annoyance is mostly from comments that re nice but don’t tell me what I am expect to do other then do more work and guess and hope that I can read the mind of the commenter based on their 3 word feedback. I feel a bit better now after venting; Next time I go out shooting maybe I will picture the target as an annoying commenter instead of picturing it as someone else.

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