How do I tell Where Rules Live

Question of the morning | How do I tell if a rule is server side of client side?

Answer | When you look at the rules the rules indicates that is (client-only) if it is client only. If you look at the bottom two rules in this screen capture of my some of my rules you can see the (client-only) indication on two rules that I have the categorize messages for me

You can also tell where the rule will be stored if you know which rules cannot exist on the server side. The following list of conditions and actions cannot be part of server side rules. If you have a rule with one of these in it then the rule will have to be Client-only


  • Flagged for Actions
  • Outlook specific features that involve: flags, categories, or forms


  • Notification actions that involve: printing, playing a sound, a desktop alert, or displaying a custom alert message
  • Replying using a template
  • Running a script
  • Assigning a category – This is the big one to me. Most of my none folder based email management is based on categories
  • Moving or copying messages to a folder outside your mailbox
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