My Life – Rope

The older that I get the better my life seems to get. Lately I’ve been filling my life with better and better people, added in some more brilliant more attainable short term goals and having all kinds of great adventures. The latest addition to my life, Michelle, is turning out to be a more excellent well fit addition all the time. We had some great adventures this last weekend. We went shooting at the range, went for a hike up rattle snake, went to a dinner party / birthday for Momma Mainer, watched some movies, did some work at my second job, and all had an all around great time. One of her better qualities is that she truly is willing to try anything, and even when she resists trying things she still helps me do them. For example, I tied her up this weekend on the couch, and even as she was trying to resist she helped me by putting her arms and legs in the right spots. Then she was kind enough to pose.

I love it when my life is filled with positive happy people who enable me to have wonderful experiences.

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