Strongly Considering 30 Day Challenge

I am strongly considering a 30day no laptop, minimal desktop, all Windows Mobile challenge.

One of my longer term 3-4 year plans is to take a year plus off work and motorcycle around Central and South America with my kid and a group of other travelers. We can get Trenton a drivers license and motorcycle endorsement in Idaho at 15. We can convert that license into an international drivers license that would be legal in all but one of the countries that we would travel in. Trenton could take online schooling and be good to go with enough education to keep him graduating on time, and he would have some amazing stores and adventures that will hopefully fuel a life time of exploration and fun.

One of the travels is thinking that a car might be better then a motorcycle; which works out for the rest of us. With a car we can travel with a support rig to haul gear. More cargo would enable us to camp in better style and have the room to carry some camera gear and such to film the adventures for possible marketing later.

One of the things that rolls around in my head when I think about trips is what kind of computer gear do I need to carry with me vs. how little can I get away with. On one hand I know that I would need a full blown laptop for video editing, an in car NAS to store video footage, and maybe a satellite link to trickle things up and down for communications and backups. On the other hand I think about what’s the least I could travel with. I’ve often wanted to travel with only my Windows Mobile phone for my computer. It has a keyboard, email, Office, video stuff, picture storage, and a browser; it lacks a large screen, a large keyboard, and a vast amount of processing, but I think that it could do 90% of what I need to do. For short trips it gives me Email and Blogging that are two of my bigger user functions.

I think that I can solve the keyboard and screen issue with a device that I just read about called a Redfly. Redfly is a 8″ screen and a keyboard about the same size as currently offered ultra compact laptops. Redfly claims to have 8 hours of battery time and the capability of connecting to my phone via USB and charging my phone or connecting via Bluetooth. Redfly can do all for the low price of 199$, which is not that much if you consider a keyboard for a Windows Mobile phone costs around 100$. I just signed up for their 30 day trial. If they let me have one for 30 days I think that I will sign up and try to use only my windows mobile phone for all of my computer tasks. I want to see how close I can come to living with only my Windows Mobile phone.

Below is a picture of the Redfly next to an HTC tilt phone.

This is one of the articles that I will use for tips if I do this


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