Moon over the Grass Farms

This morning I made it 10 minutes down the road before I realized I’d forgot my keys. I am normally the first one to the office in the mornings and there is no one to let me in, so I had to drive home and got my keys. After getting my keys out of the bowl on my desk, where I had left them the night before, I drove to work for the second time. It only cost me 20 minutes or so not too much of a big deal. On the bright side of the morning I was afford a brilliant view of the setting full moon as it set over the grass fields. Two months ago I stopped to watch the sun rise as I was coming to work at the same time. Today I am stopping to watch the moon set; you really notice the change in times and seasons when you have reference pictures. I should have gotten out of the car and snuck into the grass fields to get a better shot, but I was feeling rushed after forgetting my keys. I managed to get the following shot holding my camera on my steering wheel to steady it during the exposure time.

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