The Wolverine

Michelle snapped this shot last night of me getting the last bit of work done before moving to the couch to watch Heroes. I am sporting the wolverine hair doo after getting out of the hot tub. She was making those googley eyes at me when she took the picture.

We had a great night last night. I got home and worked on Michelle’s work computer for a bit (cleaned up old crap, updated it, fixed random issues, removed all of the junk). We had a minor skirmish in the living room that I ended mid attack about 2 minutes before Martin got home and passed out on the love goddess. I wonder if he could smell it in the room. While he was napping we had to finish things up in another room. Then we went for a walk to the store to get some meats to make a steak salad with. We are going to try to go out for a walk at least 3 nights a week. We both agree that we could use the exercise after hiking up rattle snake this weekend, and we all know that Kev likes to be walked.

Carrying two bags of groceries the mile from the store to home made my arms a bit tired, but not enough that I will not do it again. I imagine after I’ve done it a few more times that it will be no big deal. Michelle can carry the umbrella and I will get the food. For dinner I cooked up tasty steak salads with the food that we hunted and killed at the Safeway. I slow cooked the thin steak strips in teriyaki and some soy sauce, while I fried up some onions, garlic, and mushrooms in a bit of olive oil. When the mushrooms where almost done I poured a bit of steak juice into the pan and tossed in some broccoli to soften it (the broccoli was perfect). I covered three plates with some romaine lettuce, tomatoes from my parent’s garden, and a hint of basil, then put the stuff from the stove on top. I covered all that with cheese and dressing and we were good to go. I put some cheese on hard corn shells, microwaved them for a minute, then covered the still bubbling cheese tapitio to make a crunchy side; it all made for a very good dinner. Check out the tomato that I cut up, dad picked it just for me. The tomato makes me think of the Jerky boys talking about their neighbor’s dog with a 4″ clit.

After dinner we had a nice hour of no sound time (turned the TV and stereo off) to allow us to listen to the storm while we worked on our individual projects. After that Michelle and I went in the hot tub for a bit; hot water for our bodies and cold rain on the tops of our heads. After drying off we came back in for a bit more work for me, then we snuggled up on the couch and watched Heroes before bed.

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