Microsoft Version Math – Part II

It turns out that my original math was wrong, and I have a comics who read what I post. After some more research and looking around I’ve updated my graphic adding a 5.1 build. I stuck Longhorn in the background between 5, and 6, above 5.1 because it was supposed to come out in there, but it never really did. It was however, striped apart and parts of it made it into builds 5.1 and 6. and some of it might make it in 7.

Windows- updated

According the ver command Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are version 5.1 and 5.2 of the NT code stream that started at version 3. According to the ver command Windows Server 2008 is 6.0. Les helped me figure that out with a subtle hint.

One of my co-workers thought that the Xbox had an internal name of Xbox making it the first product to ship with it’s internal code name. I did some digging and discovered that was not the case. It was harder to find that information then you might think. I looked at a number of internal code name to real name lists and none of the them listed the Xbox; so I had to take some search paths. Eventually I found a reference that makes sense to me "According to Dean Takahashi’s book, Opening the Xbox, the Xbox was originally to be named "DirectX-box", to show the extensive use of DirectX within the console’s technology."

An Ex-worker of mine told me that my math was correct, but that Microsoft was trying to replace the Vista build and make us forget that it ever existed. His comment was "it is simple. Microsoft does not want you to count Vista…." While this might be fun, I don’t think that it is the case.

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