Latest E14 Swag & Shoe Talk

Yesterday I went to Microsoft campus to meet with some people there about an insanely cool new E14 project that we are starting. I wonder if I can talk about what the project is? I will check on that. I had a great time on campus; I ran into one my old office husbands, ran into some people I used to work with regularly, and I ran into my old MVP lead. He was kind of enough to offer me one piece of swag from his shelf of swag.

I chose the E14 blanket / sleeping bag. Here is a picture of me holding the new swag. Also of note in this picture is shirt I am wearing that fellow MVPer Chris gave to me a few years when he stayed at the house for a few days ( it says something about Austin Texas, where Chris lives)

I call this my

I call this my "Oh, you wanted one too?" face

Also, note is picture the duct tape on my shoe. It is not really holding my shoe together, it is keeping my shoe from getting a hole in it and becoming more dirty. One of my main forms of transportation are my motorcycles a BMW 1150RT and a Yamaha R1. I often ride with my runners on (I know mom I should wear boots) that are not super durable on top. I noticed that my runners were starting to get a hole in the top of them where I shift, so I stick some tape on them when I ride to keep the shoe from getting a hole. The last 3 pairs of runners that I’ve bought I’ve bought in Boston. Not that I love Boston, but I seem to always end up there when I need shoes, and my first shoe experience was so amazing that I keep going back to the same spot.

Not that you can see it, but the hat I am wearing in this shot is an MIT hat. I was once going to go and become a nuclear physicist, or an astrophysicist ( could not decide if I wanted to blow things up, or think about space, or both).  In 02 I was working for UMass in Boston on an upgrade plan and new system design for their email systems. While in Boston I was out visiting Harvard and MIT one night when I came to a running shoe store. I needed new shoes. so I went in and chatted about shoes and the shin splits that I was getting when I ran. The gal I was talking to had me take off my shoes, and walk as she looked at how I walk. From that she described in intimate detail every pain walking and running generate for me. She gave me a pair of shoes, had be walk again and looked at my walk. Then told me go run a mile in shoes that I had not yet bought. The pain was all gone; it was one of the most amazing runs I’ve ever been on. I bought the shoes with great excitement!

A year or so later I was again in Boston working at TechEd. I went back to the store and bought another pair of shoes from them, and had the same experience of buying perfect shoes. A few years after that I was Boston for TechED again, and I bought another pair of runners. It has now been about 2 yeas since I’ve been to Boston. I really need some new runners, and I am not sure where to buy them. Flying to Boston to get runners seems a bit extreme to me. Anyone in Boston need some Exchange or OCS work?

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