Right Click | Save Picture busted

I was hunting for the perfect picture for a blog post last night when I was confronted with an annoying little bit of website coding trickery. Some websites don’t want you to borrow their pictures. That’s cool with me if they own the picture and they say somewhere that they don’t want you to have them. What bugs me is when they do this with stock photos and they don’t indicate anywhere that they are don’t want you to have "their" pictures.

Last night when I right-clicked on the picture that I wanted and selected Save Picture As… the dialog box that came up asked me to save an untitled.bmp file, like in the below picture.

I captured this image by holding down ALT and Pressing Print Screen. Another great trick

From past experience I now that this will not get me the picture that I want. My trick to get around this is simple. I right-click on the image and select E-mail Picture… . This brings up a new email message with the picture attached to the email. From the email message I can save the picture to my Blog_Pictures folder and include it in my blog.

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