Pet Passions

A few of my pet passions that I put my donations dollars, and extra time behind are genetics, and longevity. I volunteer / donate time, skills, and resources to Aubrey De Grey’s Methuselah Foundation and I’ve toyed with working with a number genetics projects and companies.

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Last night I came across a company with a mission and product that I am interested in. The Personal Genome Project is looking for 100,000 people to, as they put it "We are recruiting volunteers who are willing to share their genome sequence and many types of personal information with the research community and the general public, so that together we will be better able to advance our understanding of genetic and environmental contributions to human traits and to improve our ability to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness." I signed up this morning and offered to give them a "donation" in exchange for my and Trenton’s personal Genomes; I am all kinds of excited to hear back from them and get the process started.

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