RedFly in the Mail

Last week I posted about thinking about trying a RedFly for 30 days and fully replacing my laptop with it. I asked RedFly if they would be interested in letting me write for them about my experiences in exchange for them giving me a unit. Turns out that they like the idea enough to have already shipped me a RedFly. I guess that means that I actually have to do this. I think that I am exited it, well as excited as you can be with an expression like this.

Seriously What was I thinking?


The first thing I am going to do, while waiting for my new toy to be delivered, is list all of the tasks that I do on a regular basis, and identify a way to complete the tasks on my mobile phone. In addition to replacing my laptop I am going to try to replace my desktop at work. I’m not sure how that will work, but I willing to give it try. Before making the move, this is my best guess list of stuff that I do on my laptop on a regular basis

  • RDP to my home server to view my home email — I will switch my home email reading to ActiveSync, and I’ll try to restrain myself from cheating and using my home RDP server.
  • Read a heap of websites on a regular basis — I’ve read that Opera is the way to go for this, I will have to do some testing on this one
  • Blog post about whatever is in my mind for work, and personal — I currently use Word 2007 and LiveWriter for all of my blogging. I will have to find a replacement that can talk to both WordPress and Subtext
  • Write and review documents in Word, Excel, and Power Point — I should have no problem writing and creating basic content in Pocket Office, but I see a blocker here. Pocket office appears to be lacking in document review functionality that I use on a regular basis.
  • RDP into servers to work on them— This should not be too much an issue with the native RDP client in Windows Mobile, other then the limited screen resolution
  • Connect to my work network — We have wireless here, my phone supports wireless so this should be simple
  • Work with pictures on and for my picture website — I should be able to do most of picture website management via a web browser. I am not so sure about photo editing; I am going to look at what my camera can do, and look for tools on the phone.
  • Power – I just discovered that my phone does not charge via USB ( some USB voltage thing ) so I might have issues tethering the phone and running Wifi. I guess if it comes to it that I could connect to RedFly with Bluetooth and plug my phone in at the same time

Based on this list, giving up my laptop might not be too hard to do; We’ll see.

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