I got a call from Joe at Verizon this morning,  and he says " I need you to put a cross over cable between the 871 and the 1841 routers that we installed last week" I get this odd look on my face, think to my self WTF, and respond " aren’t all ports on the planet auto-mbx" he says "he is not sure but that is what his engineer tells him we needs" We needs a crossover cable. At this point I feel like my chain is being yanked, but there is not much arguing with a Telco, so I agreed to do it. I hung up on Joe and instantly got in IM with some Cisco geeks, and called the TAC, and the TAC tells me that Joe is right…….. My friends tell me that Joe is right……

Apparently there are very few Cisco routers that do auto-mbx….. now I know. My momma always said that it is good to learn something new everyday. I guess that I can go home now.

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