Big Box Server Mart

Living so close, and having worked at Microsoft  I’ve heard about the local data center that Microsoft built in a little town called Quincy. This morning, I found link this from the BBC that talks about the data center and has a short video tour of the facility. I find it interesting that my first peak inside of the building comes from across the pond.

The author of the post seems to have more will power then me… If saw the following sign above a huge red button while leaving the facility that I would’ve been compelled to press it, and it would have been VERY hard to resist the urge…..

As a child (age 12) I once shutdown the power for a few city blocks in my home town. There was this power pole that I would ride my bike by on the way to the store that rented Nintendo games. On the pole was a huge On and Off switch that taunted me for months. Eventually the switch, and a dare won out, and I flipped it. When the switch hit off, the lights in all of the buildings near by went dark……. Being 12, I got on bike and rode away as fast as I could scared for my life.

The next time I went to the store, to return my Nintendo game, there was a huge padlock on the switch. I think the padlock should have been there to start with, to protect the power from overly curious people like me.

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