New Job for Kevin

Starting Monday the 10th I am going to be working for a new company, Azaleos, as a Senor Messaging Engineer. It was not a simple thing for me to want to leave 3Sharp; I’ve loved my time there and I’ve made a number of very close friends. I am going to keep in touch with the great people that I have met there, and I will drop into the office from time to time. The new job was simply too hard for me to pass up.

I’ve always dreamed of working at Microsoft in a position with the PSS support services team answering calls and resolving Exchange problems. That job was not really an option for me because of where those jobs are primarily located. Because of that when I worked for Microsoft I worked as a writer on the Exchange team. Writing has been fun, but it’s not one of my core job loves. My job at Azaleos sounds like it will be better then working at PSS, or being a writer. My job will be top tier support for Exchange issues, and lower tier training and mentoring. Solving problems and teaching are two things that I VERY much love to do. It’s a job that I was not able to pass up, and that I am very excited to start.

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