My last Official 3Sharp Day

Today is my last official day as a full time employee at 3Sharp. The images below have been the alternating backgrounds on my 8 core workstation for the past few months. I think that 3Sharp has a brilliant logo, and that the logo creators picked a sexy green for the colour scheme.

3S_Desktop_Traffic_1024x768 3S_Desktop_Lightboard_1280x1024

My tasks for the day; clean out my desk, clean out my office, eat some pizza, say see you later to my co-workers, then head home. I am both excited for new job, and sad to be leaving here. I VERY much enjoyed my time at 3Sharp. Yesterday in an exit interview I was asked if I would ever come back. I answered that question with an exuberant yes. That yes answers speaks to how much I have enjoyed it here. I cannot think of many jobs that I have left that I wanted to come back too before I had even left them.

To anyone that might be looking to be employed by 3Sharp I have this advice | take the first offer they give you and start as soon as you can. You will love the job.

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