The Office War Send off

Mikey, Jeremy and I were starting of an Office war at 3Sharp. I enjoyed messing with their unlocked computers, turning desks around, borrowing chairs wheels, and other great small gotchas. Jeremy got back at me a few times. Mikey was saving up and getting ready to get me as I was leaving. Mikey dedicated his considerable programming skillz to building an application to get me; it’s an amazing application for evil. It’s so amazing that I feel the need to share it here. To find out what it does you will have to download it and run it.

Right click and Save as (you might be able to just click on it)
on the picture of Jeremy, Mikey, Anup, and I taken on no pants Friday to download the application. Then remove the .rename from the file and run EvilThing.exe.

You will need to remember the following key stroke once you run the application F7+A+N if you want to hear about the ninjas vanishing, and stop hearing NOOO… In case you were wondering, yes I am wearing a kilt in that shot, and no I will not tell you what I am wearing under it.


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