Azaleos Day II

Today is my second day at Azaleos. Some of my thoughts so far:

  • I was able to hold 52 up the hill from Avondale onto 520 in the Zoo – it might suck driving that thing to work.
  • My commute is going to be 35-45 minutes instead of 12-20 – on the bike it’s a nice ride across the lake.
  • I work in a Seattle – all parking sucks in Seattle.
  • I’ve never worked in a Cube before – at least we have walls high enough that I don’t see into all of the cubes next to me, and I’m able to face myself so that not everyone walking by has a view of my screen
  • I have way more toys then my new cube will allow – some of my collection is going to have to go come home, and I have no clue where to put it all.
  • For some odd reason my Eye-fi will not see the Wi-Fi network here and that bugs me. I am very lazy when it comes to uploading pictures.
  • I like this job, I look forward to more.

This is my space before I put stuff in it.

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