Figured it out – IP Oddness

For the past 6 months or so since I last upgraded my home terminal server to Windows Server 2008 I’ve had issues connecting to random websites. It was never a big deal to me so I did not look into it. Yesterday I managed to acquire a beta of a soon to be released Xobni version. In order for the new features to work Xobni needs to connect to servers at the Xobni offices, and this was not working for me.

I did some pinging and tracing that kept coming back with destination unreachable. I problem turned out to be that the external IP address on my RDP server had a class A subnet on it. The subnet made my server think that everything in the network was local. No wonder I could not get to websites. I fixed the subnet mask and all is better. Now I have some awesome new Xobni features. Once the new features come out I will talk all about how cool they are. I talked about the new features yesterday but was asked to wait to talk about until after they are made public. I did not know that I was not to talk about them so once I got the call to not talk about the features (like fight club) I took my post down. In exchange for my wiliness to comply I got a Free T-shirt (picture once it shows up) and I will get access to more Beta software!

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