Vancouver Weekend

Last weekend Michelle and I went to Vancouver Canada to get out of town and relax. The following story I wrote from my Cell phone in the bathroom, on the bed, and in the car waiting to cross the border.

I am right now sitting on the pooper in a room on the 20th floor of the empress landmark hotel on Robson Street in Vancouver Canada. I’m getting ready to get in the shower and clean myself before we trek out over a bridge and hit up café Zen for some killer Benedict breakfast. My mother will be proud of my shower because I toped my towel destruction achievements from her house. I tore the crappy thin hotel towel into thirds instead of inhale; this cracked me up and I busted out laughing. I guess I pull too tight on towels when I dry my back off.

Yesterday we got up early, early for Michelle, late for me and drove through the peace arch border crossing, into Canada and ended up in Vancouver. I wanted something to do; Michelle loves adventure, so here we are in the closest cool city to Seattle. After we checked in to hotel and fully explored the room we went on a long walk about. We walked along the water front starting at the boat shaped building and ended near gassy jack in gas town. We walked up Abbot Street right by cl’s old place then took some pictures of the two big towers that seem to have replaced the old Woolworths building that we used to park in front of and have our cars broken into.

On the way up to Robson Street we saw some odd guys on masks looking at the scientology building. I identified them as anonymous guys and took some pictures of them. Then we noticed that the alley behind the building had some great street art that demanded that we posed in front of it and took pictures. I wanted to molest the girls and m looked at the brain.

Sweet m just got out the shower. Please hold for a writing interruption. We went out to breakfast at Zen, walked Spanish beach, walked around the beaver pond in Stanly Park where I tried to chew down a tree, then along the waterfront.

Now we are sitting in an hour backup at the truck crossing. There is a 2 hour wait at the peace arch. This is hell stupid. I hope that Obama makes us less hated so we don’t need to be so hard core with our boarders it would be nice to be able to travel and be proud to be American again. And that’s my story.

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