New Swag – Xobni

Last week I somehow managed to get a Xobni beta version that I was not supposed to talk about. The owner of the company called me and asked me to take my post down.. I obliged via my Windows Mobile phone while riding a Washington state ferry. A few days later, as a thank you, I got a person note from Matt and a new T-shirt in the mail. I love it when a company with a brilliant product has a team that lives up to what they say. Here is a shot of my in my new shirt.

Here is shot of back of the shirt, and of the note that Matt sent to me with the Shirt. I love this company more and more. Matt was excited that I mentioned in my blog post that Xobni is part of my base system install. I don’t let a machine leave my desk without Xobni install on it. get it, love it, email more efficiently. That’s what I tell people.


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