I loves me some Working at Azaleos

I’ve been here 8 days at Azaleos, and every day is filled with new challenges that present great opportunities to learn and teach. This is a partial list of the issues that I’ve had my hands in since I started here.

  • Message encoding – Japanese messages coming back with ????? in the subject – Language on server
  • Free Busy – Free Busy works in outlook and not in OWA (Totally backwards) – User deletion issue
  • Cluster setup – Setting up a cluster node did not go well ( it was a setup issue)
  • Content Filtering Oddness – that turned out to be a hosted filtering company
  • Messages stuck in the outbox – http://forums.msexchange.org/m_1800435975/printable.htm
  • SCR fail over – Disjoined name space prevented the SCR failover working with PSS
  • Database Failures – Performed a dial tone Recovery and restored 2 x 200GB email databases
  • 560 Error sending Contacts – Known bug, provided Customer work around
  • Calendar item issue – Worked with customer to rework procedures and update Outlook

All of the above and more in first week and a half here, fun! I wonder what all I will have been through by the end of the year. I imagine that there will be much more. I am working this habit of walking into to NOC all excited and asked if there is anything broken. Most of the time I walk out all sad with no new issues (I guess our products work well or something) Sometimes I walk out with some fun stuff!!

Here is a shot of the NOC in action.

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