Xobni gets Better

This morning I rebuilt my work laptop for the second time since I started here 3 days ago. The first time I rebuilt it I was trying to make Server 2008 work. It worked as long as I did not undock, or expect hibernation. The most recent rebuild took me back to Vista 64-bit. With Vista I can pick up my laptop walk to the NOC and not have to rejigger my monitors and fail over my network connection. Vista is desgined for a laptop and it shows.

One of the things that I base install on my workstations is Xobni. Xobni is an outlook add-on that collects statistical data about your email and does stuff with that data. See their website for more on that. I first installed Xobni when it was in Beta many moons ago and I have not updated it since. This morning I installed the new version and I noticed a few new features. The big new feature being Social network integration.

In this picture you can see that Xobni found my in Facebook, and updated my Outlook information from FaceBook. The IN button allows you to do the same thing via LinkedIn and the H button allows you to do the same via Hoovers. This looks to me to be a pretty powerful tool to allow me to find out more about who is emailing me. It also says to me that I need to be more careful about what I am publishing on the interwebs. People I send email too no longer needed to open a browser to find out more about me, they can do it right from the email client that looks me up on various social sites. From those social sites there’s a heap of information that they can find out about me.

I am going to be looking up everyone who sends me email all week long to see what more I can learn about them….

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