BMW 1200GS Adventure Series Hotness

Yesterday I got up at 3am to come to work to test a CCR cluster to SCR failover for a customer who smashes tiny things for a living. They have a disjoined name space that we are thinking caused a number of problems that resulted in the test failing, and us failing back to the CCR cluster. Roll up 5 for Exchange soon to come out should fix this issue for them. We will test again after the roll up drops.. Because I got in so early I was able to leave work before Lunch time. With some extra time in the middle of my day I rode down to South Sound BMW and had some new tires put on my bike; they were in bad shape. After spending some time on a conference call waiting for my tires to be replaced I could not resist the call of the test ride on a new bike.

I took a brand new 1200GS for a 40 minute test ride up through Milton, Edgewood, Puyallup, up 167, down I5, and finally back to the dealership. I am totally sold on getting one of these bikes. The down side that I can see is that in order to get the new bike is I would need to sell my two current bikes. I am going to have to look at the numbers and see what I can work out. I’ve had my RT for 21,000 miles now. I think it is time for a new ride.

Here is a shot of the new dream bike Decked out in gear that makes it prime for the South American tour.

Here is the 1200GS Side by Side with my current 1150 RT. They both look sexy, but the 1200GS looks more better to me

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