Guns and Boys weekend

Last weekend the Mainers, Adam, Trenton, Tim and Julie, My Rants and I went out to the cabin for some shooting, fire and family time. We had such a brilliant time at the cabins with the guns that we are working on planning another visit out there. We met up at Michael’s house, drove around to my parents where I gave everyone the tour. I’ve known the mainers for a while now and they had never made it over to the miller compound. It was cool to show them where I grew up. I think that some of me made more sense to them after they had the tour. From the Miller compound we hit up a Wal-Mart for Ammo and a Safeway for some produce to shoot at. Here is a shot of Trenton with the Ammo, I think he’s a bit excited to go shooting.

Once we made it to the lake we loaded up the Jeep with the guns loaded some of boys got on dirt bikes and we headed off to a gravel pit to shot. We did not make it to the gravel pit due to a road wash out but we managed to find a good canyon to hang out in and shoot. Tim made it out there and shared some great gun training with us. Tim Being a trained US military killing machine paid off for the rest.Here is a shot of my and Trenton with our Ear protection on.

After the shooting we went back to the cabin, had some food, had some drink and told stories around the fire. It was a great weekend. My parents had a great time meeting my roommates and my roommates had a great time meeting my parents. I supplied Burgers for dinner, and my parents provided French toast for breakfast the next morning. Check out this link for more pictures.

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