17 year Loyal Customer

17 years ago I started with Air Touch, then moved to GTE when they acquired Air Touch, then I move to Verizon when they Merged with/ bought/ renamed the company that was GTE, and US West new Vector, and VodaPhone. Today I am going to start the process to say good bye to Verizon and the CDMA network. Below are a few shots of one of my first cell phones

This was the 5 watt Motorola analog Bag phone. This big boy cost about 0.55$ per minute with a Kitsap Home builders Association group discount, and I am sure that it caused my brain tumors, and gave me mutant egg killing sperm, but it got the job done. Today I turn it on and it will not even get a signal. All of the analog towers are gone, replaced by newer digital towers. Over my many years with Verizon I’ve had the opportunity to compare Verizon with almost every other major cell phone carrier out there. I was able to compare them by having different employers provide me a phone on different networks while I kept my personal cell phone. I’ve had employers provide me with Nextel, Sprint, Cingular, AT&T, and US west phones. I’ve always been more happier with the coverage and grandfathered in promo options on my Verizon plans; happy enough that I stayed. Over the last few years I’ve been becoming more and more addicted to Smart Phones, and Verizon has gotten better at annoying me with my smart phones.

The release of the latest phone that I want, the HTC touch Pro, has put me over the edge. Verizon has this very shitty habit of butchering and handicapping their smart phones. If you compare Verizon HTC Touch Pro to the AT&T version you notice a bunch of differences right off the top.

  • The accelerometer is not included in the Verizon version
  • The Version version has a slower processor
  • The Verizon Version has less memory
  • The Verizon version is more locked down as to what software you can install
  • The big one, the GPS is locked so you can only use it with the 10$ a month VZnavigator application
  • Their version came out months after anyone else’s version of the phone.

They’ve done this crap with every smart phone that they have released, and it looks like they will keep doing this with the ones that they will release in the future. This has pissed me off enough that I am done with Verizon. I am going to move to AT&T and get the phone that I want with the freedom to use it how I want to. As a plus I’ll be on the GSM network that is used in most of the rest of the world so I can use my phone when I travel.

Good bye Verizon good bye CMDA, hello HTC Touch Pro

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